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At the start of 2008 my honey and I left New York on a three-year European odyssey in search of a landscape to plant roots. We traveled Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany, meeting locals and imagining building a life among them.

Along the way we woke to a rooster's crow on a farm on the Tuscan hillside and shared breakfast with wild kitties in a 6th century Benedictine Monastery. We hiked a rock amphitheater to a lunch of fondue among curious goats and were caught in an Italian wedding in a 25,000 year-old village perched on a volcanic plateau. We watched the swifts at dusk give over to the swooping of bats above the valleys of southern France. We danced in the dark with Andalusian kids to a 45 of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

We depleted funds, lost possessions and felt the frustration of strangers in strange lands. Eventually we returned to NYC (own backyard, etc.), but with a wanderlust that keeps us chasing the swifts.