~a three hour tour~

November 6th, 2006


the gorgeous bicycle i rode once, the antique shoe-leather having done unmentionable things to unmentionable parts! That is the hand-painted lunch basket arrives on my doorstep each day…

a few shots of the tour of the grounds I had yesterday. It was three hours, just like Gilligan’s, and full of good stories, history of this place that reaches back the 1800s.

a fire pond where an otter was once found:

a stone ampitheater that easily could inspire an oratory…


This cabin was the first studio, built by Marian MacDowell in 1899 for her husband Edward. It was to be a surprise and he came upon it and thought some stranger was building on his land. The pictures are a little odd, the cabin was so dark i couldnt see anything, but it was magical. I wish you could smell it.





One Response to “~a three hour tour~”

  1. Habib says:

    Now I’ve got that jingle in my head!
    Referring to the previous blog, “The Beast Inside”, I think Doc Holiday says “that’s funny” when he meets his demise. But he does say “I’m your huckleberry” to a would-be assassin earlier. I learned a new phrase today doing research about the phrase: “I’m a huckleberry over your persimmon.” It means I’m just a bit better than you. Try that on one of your new literary friends.

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