~after a rain~

November 16th, 2006

Here are two favorite passages from a poem not yet published,
or I would include the whole poem. Soon enough.

After A Rain
by Mary R

They noticed, you see, that I was a noticing
kind of person, so they left the dictionary
out in the rain and I noticed it,
I noticed that it was open to the rain page,
much harm had come to it, it had aged to the age
of ninety-five paper years and I noticed rainbow
follows rain in the book, just as it does on
earth, and I noticed it was silly of me to notice so much
but I noticed…

There are eight major emotional states but I forget
seven of them, I can hear the ambulance singing
but I do not think it will stop for me,
because I noticed the space between the waterfall and
the rock and I am safe there, resting in
the cradle of all there is, the way a sea horse
(when it is tired) will tie its tail to seaweed
and rest, and there has not been, in my opinion,
enough astonishment over this fact…


2 Responses to “~after a rain~”

  1. Habib says:

    I love Mary R’s poetry.

  2. Habib says:

    Can I buy the book?

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