~trim my tree~

December 11th, 2006


Had a lil’ dinner party this weekend to trim the tree and ring in the holiday season.
Ali made his famous pork roast pierced with garlic and rosemary stems
and I poached some pears in red wine.
My favorite part of the evening was the spontaneous dancing to 78 records played on the wind-up victrolla.
It was lovely to see everyone. I feel especially blessed these days, particularly by the people in my life.
Thank you David, for being such a fine camera man. Very crafty way to avoid being photographed!

Today has been a very quiet day spent cleaning and taking a very long walk round Bklyn in the afternoon sun.
Came upon this Santa, very scary indeed.
Tomorrow I begin my first day of writing since my return. Yay! Yikes!


2 Responses to “~trim my tree~”

  1. Habib says:

    The rosy cheeks on Santa look like gin blossoms. How did he get so filthy?

  2. Iline Harrington says:

    Happy and merry to all. I miss you and hope a visit will be near.
    H & K galore,
    Dashie and her mom

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