~glitter & doom~

December 25th, 2006

We had a lovely Christmas Eve day, going to the Met to see the show of German portraits from the 1920s Glitter and Doom. My favorite painting was of Anita Berber by Otto Dix. Here is another portrait of Berber, I love this image:


Then we walked all around the resevoir of Central Park, and much of the park too, and watched the sun go down.
It was a dense, melancholy, sweet day.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve, which we spent with some old friends and and new friends, about thirty of us all told. We had homemade pate, pickled garlic brought from France, Christmas pudding. A revelrous evening.



Soon, New Year!

p/s HEH! YYYYYEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWW! That’s for James Brown.

One Response to “~glitter & doom~”

  1. Iline Harrington says:

    Happy & Merry…it’s never too little or too late. Iline

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