~swan lake~

December 30th, 2006

Went to Prospect Park today. Ali pried my fingers from the keyboard,
around which they have been wrapped for two days,
as I figure out the new structure of this beast (the book).

Then we went to Convivium Osteria and had red snapper and a really tasty Tempranillo from Spain. Good to not cook, though last night I made my first dumplings for chicken soup, also tasty. Cooking is good when I need to simply get up from the desk and move about. A walk in the park works too.

Below are some pictures from our constitutional, of the Beaux Arts boathouse built in 1905. They lead me to think of an image by William Henry Fox Talbot from the early 1840s, one of the very first “fixed” images ever made, on salted paper from a paper negative. You’ll find that one below as well, from the Gilman Paper Collection, where all good things photographic are found.




one of the very first pictures ever made (that remains):


the very first picture of the cat and poodle, at this same boathouse, circa december 2000 (back in the boho days of three hours of sleep, wine, cigarettes, fireplace fumes, and waffles from Tom’s).
Remember how it snowed?

kimmi ali first picture.jpg

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