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April 23rd, 2007

Today we went to the Centre Pompidou and saw a rather silly but entertaining show on Beckett.
I wasn’t really in the mood for museums, this trip is all about exploring, on foot, metro, foot again. My calf muscles are beyond aching, but this is what makes me happy these days. The French women who do it in four-inch heels, what can you say? There are a lot of flats too, and oddly, converse hi-tops. The incredible view from the top of the Pomp:


We did a very tourist-y thing today–we went to Café de Flore. Fantastic people watching in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. I think I saw the ghost of Simone de Beauvoir in the loo. For our last night we will move to this neighborhood, and I think we will go to the rival cafe: Les Deux Magots. Insurrection!

Here is Ali’s guest photo, and one of my own:


We wandered the city until 2 am, having dinner in Belleville quarter at a Vietnamese place Ali has been telling me about for years. We closed the joint down (okay it was 10.30, but still…). I think this is the Chinatown (and Japan, Thai, Viet…) of Paris, answering my question of a few nights ago (which was shot down by an incredulous Alfonso). I am vindicated! There are so many secret areas of Paris, we have rechristened it City of Nooks.

We had drinks in the Marais, and wandered along the Seine before heading home.
Yes, the Metro does stop running, lesson learned.


My favorite part of the day was the trip to Deyrolle a museum and store of taxidermy and all things related.
It’s been four years since I’ve been and in that time the store has gone from secret spot to on everyone’s top ten list, so I was apprehensive to see what they had done. No worries. The place is the same, only less dusty. Same creaky stairs, same charming proprietor, who labored with me though my broken French and his no English (everyone speaks english here now, its rather sad in a starbucks kind of way).
I bought a gorgeous peacock colored butterfly. My first souvenir (not counting the Tour d’Eiffel keychain for my mom). Moi:Faites vous avez la phalène d’lune? He looks uncertain, smiles. Moi: C’est vert? Comme ca? I make a shape in the air to show the long tail of Lunar moths.
Il: Ah! non, mais ce n’est très belle, tres belle!

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