~honour thy error as a hidden intention~

November 10th, 2007


This weekend we went upstate to pick up a ancient oak desk chair I found on craigslist as an early Christmas gift for Ali, so we decided to go to the Storm King Art Center .
It’s a whole lotta land with a whole lotta sculpture.

Richard Serra’s stuff was great and organic as usual. A lot of the rest was just big, and oddly you weren’t allowed to touch anything, even the giant rusted steel monsters that get snowed on.

When Ali nudged the suggestive dangly bits of a Louise Bourgeois drippy spidery blob just to see if they would swing—and they did!–two guards immediately told him not to kick the artwork.


We were jaunting with our friend Thierry, a Belgian musician who recounted that he and his wife (who he first met in central park, how romantic!) were once told not to kiss in a museum.

We didn’t need art, we had a perfect autumn day, crisp and vivaling. In parts, there was already snow on the ground!

We listened to David Bowie’s 1976 album Low and talked about the Oblique Strategies deck of cards Brian Eno (who produced Low) made with Peter Schmidt to help keep the creative juices flowing.

They say things such as Steal a solution. Instead of changing the thing, change the world around it. How would you explain this to your parents? Try faking it. You can download a version here .


Bowie famously made Low while drying out in West Berlin, buying his own groceries for a change, and shacking up (shagging? well…) with Iggy Pop. Bowie has said, “cut me and I bleed Low.”

I’m pretty wild about the album too, in fact the whole so-called Berlin Trilogy (Low, Heroes, Lodger), where the musicians were swapping instruments and playing the chords of Bowie’s hit songs backwards. We agreed that each card in Bowie’s own set of Oblique Strategies should say only Call Eno.


Here are the fellows pretending to be The Great Pumpkin rising from a pumpkin patch. We saw the Charles Shultz Halloween special this year, by accident. I was surprised to be moved by it–the incredibly self-determined pace, the swingin piano soundtrack, the dry humor bordering on bitterness balancing the earnest core.


I had forgotten that “Most Sincere” is the criteria set-forth by the Great Pumpkin to determine the one pumpkin patch he will rise from on Halloween. As a woman whose dry humor bordering on bitterness balances her earnest core, the conjuring of sincerity warmed my heart.


We also saw Control this weekend, so here is another earnest bloke, and another bit of fan-tas-tic music from a band that was born in ’76. Already inspired some tete-a-tete kitchen dancing, Ian Curtis style. It’s gonna be a good week, I can feel it already…

2 Responses to “~honour thy error as a hidden intention~”

  1. michelle says:

    great pictures, but how does the chair look?

  2. kim says:

    because i like the mise en scène so well,
    here is the pic i was sent by the gal on craigslist.
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