~birthday tour du lac~

March 27th, 2009


Only Alfonso’s godmother Sylvia could successfully implore him to pose with the local butcher’s pig. She was in town to fete him, for his second birthday en Suisse. We took a boat ride–only our second time on the lake we call ours in the sixty-three weeks we’ve lived here. I ‘spose it’s no different than Alcatraz, which I managed to avoid visiting in ten years living in San Francisco, only to tour it immediately upon my return. It is our intention to explore the Swiss landscape more this summer, hiking, picnicking and such. We bought giant boots and a badminton set, what more do you need?

Here are a few pictures of the dock, boat, and view of our little city. I’ve been admiring the 1960s boat house for, well, sixty-three weeks.




click on image to expand.

2 Responses to “~birthday tour du lac~”

  1. Angelina says:

    I love the pig. Now I want to see up close pictures of you and Alfonso. Where is he from? There are so many holes in what I know about you and your story.

    I am feeling very envious of where you live. Even though I love where I live. When I read your blog I get drawn away and wonder how I could acclimate my child to life in, say, Scotland which is my favorite place on earth. Guess I better get independently wealthy.

  2. kim says:

    The pig is great, and there is a cow on the other side. Alfonso grew up in Berlin.
    More close-ups (all of them smooching or yodeling, it seems) can be found here:
    http://kimwood.org/ponderings/2008/10/25/guardian-of-my-solitude/ or here:

    You don’t need to be independently wealthy for a euro adventure! Here’s my plan for you:
    Get your homesteading blog in full effect and then move to Scotland with sponsors
    who want to back your foreign correspondent writing. The details are a little vague, but Im sure they’ll fill themselves in…

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