~signs of spring~

April 5th, 2009

sign of spring #1: this pie-faced man with pretzels for ears and sandwich feet.
Utterly remiss. I mean it’s April and I’ve yet to write Spain posts from New Years Eve. Criminy. My excuse is, well, my website was hacked, for one. I designed and built the first version of it myself and can code just enough to get the job done, but it means submerging in a mire of fussy, mind-boggling minutiae.


Tech-head and creative-head are not the same at all for me. It seems every time I dip my toe in the murky tech pool of the internets webosphere I have the experience of quasi-having to learn it all over again. Which has to do with it evolving, certainly (unlike if you only cooked a souffle once every few years), but also my never really caring about technology except as a means to an end. No matter I’ve made my living happily teaching and using technology, in my heart I am truly a luddite in sheep’s clothing. I no more want to think about html, pinging, or widgets than I want to think about a screwdriver. It’s all tools to me, so my mind in these matters is a waxy mystic writing pad: obscured traces of information from previous forays are all that remain when addressing the tech issue anew.

sign of spring #2: Magnolia trees with first pink tips.

sign of spring #3: first brunch on terrace.

I also set a deadline for a first draft for the book for roughly nine weeks from now, and this does indeed distract from the blog. Or the other way around is perhaps the more accurate description. I’ve been trying a technique of taking a photo from the suitcase or a bit from my notes, say “naked as sally rand” or “inevitable missionary boat passenger” or “utterly life affirming without a trace of false consolation” and then writing by timer for ten minutes (or longer, but this is a good way to get the feral mind to acquiesce, lure it with “just” ten minutes). I’m liking it. (geek out: there are many silent timer widgets you can install on your desktop, thus avoiding that tic tic ticing.) I’ve got 60,000 words under my belt and 20,000 (about 80 pages) to go by June. Kindly send me the ju-ju of writing not simply pages, but good pages.

sign of spring #4: soon to come, my buddies, the sparrows.

Meantime, spring is upon us shortly. Today we took a field trip up the mountain to Cernier with a mind to purchase some pot-like items for the terrace I plan to take full advantage of while it is ours. Last weekend I mopped and scrubbed it down, next weekend I will do the actual planting, if I am fairly certain the last frost has left us. Rosemary, Basil, Mint, Thyme, Tomatoes, Morning Glories, Bachelor Buttons, Wild Flowers. Can’t wait! Also got a proper feeder for my buddies, the sparrows.

2 Responses to “~signs of spring~”

  1. Noria says:

    I can’t wait to lounge on your terrace and watch the sparrows at dusk.

  2. Angelina says:

    I have an insane desire to come and visit you and have a look at all these things in solid mass. The magnolia is breathtaking and I love that you are going to be planting not just herbs but some wild flowers too!!! I love bachelor buttons so much. I hope to get them going rampant in my garden this year.

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