June 23rd, 2009

img_0503 Storm, battistero di San Giovanni ceiling mosaic, dinner, and spooky night drive: birthday in Florence.

The work of many unknown Venetian craftsmen dates from 1225. The mosaic cycle depicts the Last Judgment, the rewards of the saved (at Jesus’ right hand), and the punishments of the damned (at Jesus’ left hand).

img_0528 Do-gooders.

img_0531 Do-baders. Sorta Hieronymus Bosch-y, no?

img_0623 The snarky waiters fortify themselves for another night of foisting “traditional Tuscan” starter on every guest.

img_0649 A giant log of traditional Tuscan starter. The actual menu is quite nice, as is the proprietor.

img_0739 With a very late start due to work-related bidness, it was not the most raucous of birthdays. The chorus in the gondola floating down the Arno signing “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” was, um, a highlight. Consequently, the kids declared it “birthday week” and carried on into the batless night.

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