~aventures du louchette flâneurse: 10ème~

November 25th, 2009


Charged with the task of providing wine for tomorrows expat and Parisian Thanksgiving, I decided to further my education concerning Bordeaux, and specifically a region on the left bank of the Gironde river, known as the Médoc. Within the Médoc are the four top communes of (from north to south) St. Estèphe, Paulliac, St. Julien and Margaux. I have been slurping wine from this area in the years since arriving in Europe, and they tend to be tannic and robust, due to a high percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

My host requested some vin from the Graves region (named for its gravelly soil), which lies just below the Médoc, following the river as it turns. My source tells me the best reds of Graves are in Pessac-Léognan, and they tend to be softer than Médoc wines, as well as earthy, which I love. (as a general rule I like wines to taste of soil–earthy or even dusty reds, and minerally whites. Throw in an old cigar and some pepper corns and I’m happy. Fruity, generally, not so much.)


I found two suggested by the sweet wine shop adviser, who photographed my canvas shopping bag from The Strand, to share the address with his sister who is traveling in New York. “Eight Miles of Books!” he said, and then sold me 2003 Chateau Andron Blanquet- Saint-Estephe AOC – Cru Bourgeois and 2004 Chateau Le Thil Comte Clary- Pessac-Leognan AOC. I will report back on our Bordeaux smackdown to tell which (if either) claim the title of The Terroir Terror!

I also learned today about Pomerol, the smallest of the Bordeaux regions that produces, almost family-style, some velvety, sensual wines. Noted for another time. Pictured here are dinner and bits of my street from my daily shop walk.


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