~cosmic communiqué~

June 23rd, 2010


Perhaps only a New Yorker can grasp the profound unpleasantness of a two hour post-dinner commute (Upper West Side to Noho! Two hours!) that included both walking that bowels-of-hell 7th-6th Ave underground tunnel and also waiting on the F platform while crankily streaming with sweat in the still at midnight 90 degrees/100% humidity as MTA employees inexplicably hauled a row of ancient, non-functioning, squealing subway cars along the only track and parked them with a sigh of exhaust where they then sat for eons, as though they had come to that very spot to die.

When it became evident that the situation would not improve through the sheer will of my and my platform mates overheated frustration, nor my heads incessant looping of both Hot Child in the City (as heard at Coney Island corndog stand) and Hot Town, Summer in the City, I wandered over to check the caboose car out, at which point the whole train came back to life and began to slowly creak away.

Clearly the Universe had just wanted me to receive this cosmic communiqué : Special.


The day was so very special. There was a breakfast cupcake at Sugarsweet Sunshine bakery, a picnic in Central Park, calls and singing and emails, a dinner hosted by friends and gifts ferried from as far away as Russia, including handmade art, caviar, jewels, silk, flowers, and champagne. I felt completely fêted.


The symbol of the turtle was introduced on the banks by the Ladies Pavillion, and redelivered later in the air-conditioned Akeley Hall of the Natural History Museum. What is the turtle speaking to a birthday gal? Well, like crabs (my star sign), they have a hard carapace protecting tender insides, and also like crabs (considered old souls) they are one of the oldest reptile groups. They are slow and steady wins the race, which has always been my pragmatic approach.


Both turtles I met in the day are water dwellers who can, if need be, live on land for long stretches. They are ectotherms, meaning they can adjust their body temperature to their environment (my, that would be handy). In addition to the clear indicators of flexibility and adaptability, I believe it is the fact that they carry their homes with them which is utterly germane to my current life. At any rate, something to ponder as I return to packing packing packing up homes in Berlin and Brooklyn, and waiting for a new home to reveal itself.

I was offered three candles and thus three wishes throughout my day. With gratitude I used them wisely.


One Response to “~cosmic communiqué~”

  1. Habib says:

    Yay! I’m so glad I got to talk to you on your actual day. And so pleased that your were properly adored on your birthday.
    XO D

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