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~concrete jungles, taxonomy of~

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Vestibules, Cupolas and Rotundas, oh my! It must be an hour passed at the Victorian Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, bookishly researching with a favorite lady companion. It was a rather plantish afternoon, as next we took in an exhibit that suggested–citing his cluster of poems Calamus, that take their name from a […]

~the sleep of yeast~

Friday, March 11th, 2011

A second bread attempt, a mere two days later. Tripled the recipe to make a walnut boule and wreath, and caramelized onion and rosemary bread sticks. Finally figured out what the little cupboard of our Wedgewood is for: it’s where bread dough sleeps, perchance to dream (or double in size).

~breaking bread~

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Art is our chief means of breaking bread with the dead. ~ W. H. Auden Long absence accounted for thusly: I’ve been busy breaking bread with the dead. Today I took time from the book to bake bread for the living. Post first attempt the house now runs rampant with homemade bread hounds. And so […]

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