~sans doute~

July 15th, 2014


Met the World’s Greatest Cabbie today. As I desperately tried to turn off the T.V. I noticed the sign above and struck up a conversation. Drivers can’t turn it off, it’s connected to the meter. We discussed the era when just as you were sliding into the cab and telling the driver where you were headed Whoopie Goldberg or Joan Rivers would suddenly bark over you about seat belt safety. He said proudly of NYers, “we put up with that for about five seconds! But now, adverts are just insidious I guess…” and we, two wistful 40 somethings, shared a moment of nostalgia for a simpler time.

Meanwhile the checkout gal at the grocery (which mandated the cab–shopping in dinner party quantities in a sudden summer storm) is studying forensic psychology and our talk got deep enough that she asked my advice regarding her specialization: criminal or deceased? My take: deceased, no doubt.

A day wherein I truly love NY.

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