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March 7th, 2017


Random days of thaw have brought our winged neighbors out. The pond in the distance now hosts a gaggle of geese who loiter and honk and sleep on its surface, sometimes waking–as they did after this week’s overnight low of one degree–to find they must slide their webbed feet across ice to their breakfast.

An Eastern Bluebird is building a nest above my office and comes to “my” tree off and on all day, to fluff and pronounce to the local ladies. On my last grocery run I bought a cake of suet for him, figuring the jays and sparrows would get in on the action too.

Naturally our resident gang of crows found it, knocked it down, and have been working to make it disappear all this drizzly morning. They’re not so much a murder, but tag team of crows: six hooligans clustered around my offering, and sharply aware of my presence as well–even behind glass, in shadow.

As soon as I gingerly reached for my camera, they lightly lifted a few inches off the ground to low fly just to the other side of the fence, where they’d strut around, bid their time, played it reeeal cool.

The configuration above, patiently awaited, features two lookouts and one gobbler, working in rotation.

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