~four, all of the above~

March 17th, 2018


plexiglass reliquary #2: the second page of a letter dated March 23, 1945, wherein Tennessee Williams describes the plot of a new play he’s been immersed in (tentatively titled, Blanche’s Chair in the Moon or The Moth). I love this document for two reasons–

I dearly relate to him trying to pitch to his agent this gorgeous, tragic play as something commercially appealing: “I know this is heavy stuff and I’m writing it with as much lyrical and comedy relief as possible.”

As a lover of Blanche DuBois, I laughed out loud reading: “There are at least three possible ends. One, Blanche simply leaves — with no destination. Two, goes mad. Three, throws herself in front of a train in the freight yards.”

I propose four: goes mad trying to market Streetcar Named Desire as comedy, throws self in front of train.

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