~cosmic wink~

July 15th, 2020


On my studio doorstep, in afternoon sun, I found half a luna moth’s wings.  I’ve longed to see this favorite in the wild, and this is as close as I’ve come.   It was left at my feet, like my cat used to leave birds and lizards, in offering.


Like most, I haven’t been feeling especially grounded, and at the risk of jinxing it, it seems my own grey veil is lifting (could also be the delicious, fleeting, absence of overbearing humidity).


I’d stepped out for a lunch run, my first in a month, and my favorite path was waist-high in wild blackberries and Queen Anne’s lace blousy in the breeze, the sky hung with those vast Hudson Valley dog day clouds.


Our cheerleader cows (as I like to think of them, they’re actually beyond indifferent) were not in attendance (see?) at the turn-around point, but the neighbors had wheeled out their wooden cart to offer honey and duck eggs folks pay for via ledger and a cigar box bank.

As we headed home I found (again on the ground, speaking of grounded), what I thought was an Eagle plume, which in Native American culture is seen as a conduit of prayer to the Great Spirit.


Turned out it was a secondary feather (10.5 inches) of a Great Blue Heron.  They’re a personal totem, calling back to a siege (battery, hedge, rookery, scattering) that nested on San Francisco’s Stow Lake in the early 90s, and featured in my first film, Wanderlust.


Moth and bird wing suggest flight, but also invitation, invocation, a wink from the Cosmic Eye I share with you. Wink! Wink!


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