~vagabond shoes~

May 24th, 2021


It’s been a curious time (to understate it) for us like everyone, including feeling more out of touch with our inner travel/city mice than we realized. Oh yeah, says we—we do these things too, not just garden and worry and work, work, work!

It was a revelation to take a few days off and see old friends and old haunts—or what of the latter remains.


Spent day three in Chinatown and Harlem, then apparently the country mice had enough heat and urbanity (the people, the people!), and headed back to the trees.

Passing time on day four until our overdue annual physicals, we shuffled down Central Park’s literary walk where we were met by a man giving his all to….New York, New York. These vagabond shoes! Are longing to stray! Right through the very heart of it—New York, New York!

Then, for the first time since getting hitched, we rowed the lake. Woulda had lunch at the boathouse were it not for blood work fasting. Romance meets practicality. Instead, we admired the turtles and the Dakota and Beresford.


Now we’re home and I’m thrilled to slide off my vagabond mules and into overalls and play in the dirt. Gratitude all around.



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