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~dancing with death~

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

~painting the town blue~

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

The Raymond Chandler part of downtown LA with gorgeous old aqueducts. Already the goodbyes have begun. On the Sunday apres we meet the San Fran kids for brunch in Echo Park before they drive back up the coast. We stand on the corner of Sunset and Effie, at what must be the longest light in […]

~ballad of the old bohemian pt. 1~

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Like Ali is an Alps Slut, I am an Art Nouveau Slut, which means I spent our short time in Prague (Praha) with my head craned upward and mouth dangling open in rapture. The city looks as though it was designed by Alfons Mucha, in part because it was. The streets are clusters of buildings […]

~following the sun~

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

On our drive home (that would last fifteen hours and saw us arrive home at three am) Ali sweetly indulged my curiosity about the 16th century garden known as Bosco dei Monstri in Bomarzo, Lazio (just beyond Rome). The Monster’s Grove–it’s visionary preferred Sacred Wood of Bomarzo–is something Mannerist and surreal, created to astonish and […]

~terrace of infinity~

Friday, June 27th, 2008

It was heaven. A hangout of the original Bloomsbury Group: Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf, Keynes, E.M. Forster, and also Piaget, D.H. Lawrence, and Winston Churchill. It is believed that English botanist (and special friend of Woolf) Vita Sackville-West planned the garden. It was the setting for the legendary elopement of actress Greta Garbo and Leopold […]

~crumbling candied violet city~

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Everything about Florence seems to be colored with a mild violet, like diluted wine. ~Henry James Florence is a branch of grapes heavy with religious and political history; street after street brash and explosive with testosteroni; it’s a pair of David boxer shorts, unabashedly vampiric to the more-than-willing tourists; yet also an ornate and jewel-encrusted […]

~knockin on de sade’s door~

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

We traveled to many villages and towns in Provence and the Luberon Valley–there was Avignon, home of Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), called by poet Petrarch the “most foul and stinking city on Earth” (its not, but it sure is touristy!), and where we saw a couple waltzing in the morning sunlight on […]

~honey gatherers of the mind~

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge. We are perpetually on the way thither, being by nature winged insects and honey gatherers of the mind. Guess who said that? Hmm…I wonder. My day began with the birds and the ocean, in the dark, around six or so I spose (no clock, heaven!). We […]

~tasto ai mare (key to the sea)~

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Scusi? Quanto Costo? We began the next morning at the Balôn market in Borgo Dora. A bust as far as fleas go, but great for people watching, especially after I left the fellows at a cafe, because the sweet Antonio would not leave my immediate side, tho I am both older and taller than he […]

~j’ai deux amours~

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I woke before dawn, made cafe, and after writing, researched things to do in Paris. I made a list and then Ali and I headed for “our cafe” from our last visit for late late (a theme?) brunch. Then to the Jardin des Tuilieres, since neither of us have been. It was suddenly 80 degrees […]

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